Dr. Penny Forrester PHD

  Metabolic Nutrition, Author of The DietSmart Weight Loss Plan

DrPenny.ca Weight Loss Services Inc.

Peterborough ON K9K 2K9

Clinical Study Facilitator and               Fitness Instructor

Contact: www.drpenny.ca


Diet, Nutrition & Metabolic Health

Professional Weight Loss Career Profile

To educate the basic fundamentals of metabolism to the youth, teens and adults.

To educate the treatment, and prevention of obesity.

To educate the DietSmart (Eat Smart, Move Right) Weight Loss Plan.

To make a difference in our Obese Epidemic.


Achievements & Awards                 

2008 Canadian Intellectual Property, Copyright – The DietSmart Plan

2008 Quinte BAA in Services Professional for The DietSmart Plan

2009 CBC TV Show The Dragons Den to present The DietSmart Plan


The DietSmart Plan is popular for its intense educational diet and exercise training sessions. It’s your own customized Plan of Action for flexible eating & workouts, for safe, fast and natural weight loss. Learn how to track and monitoring your macronutrients for a metabolic balance of Calories IN and OUT. Get the metabolic information you’ve been looking for to help you stop the constant struggle with weigh gain. The key to success is; how you manage your metabolic hormones with modified eating habits & behaviors.  DietSmart is your guide and coach to a no nonsense reality approach to rebuilding, rebooting and restoring your metabolism. Register for the next Workshop, Clinic or Home Plan.


1996 Weight Loss and Eating Disorders

1998 Non-Diet Weight Management

2000 The Overweight Client

2002 Weight Management for Teens

2004 Nutrition for Women Parts 1, 2 & 3

2006 Help Clients Lose Weight


1997 American College of Nutrition, Birminghan Alabama

Bachelor, Masters, & Doctoralate Degree - Nutrition


1994 - Present American Council On Exercise

2006 International Organization of Nutritional Consultants

2018 Program Provider for Weight Loss Grants Organization                               2018 Better Business Bureau Canada


Certified Fitness Instructor 26 years+

YMCA Award of Excellence for Volunteer Fitness Instructor

Business Women on the Month

Business Achievement Award – Service Professional

Nominee for Business Women of the Year

Master Weight Loss Success Story

Author & Educator for The DietSmart Plan

My Passion &

Career Mission

Weight Loss Continuing








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