Rehabilitation Care

30+ years of experience in Rehabilitation Services


It is our passion to rehabilitate a person to their highest possible level of functioning

using many methods of treatment for each condition, circumstances or limitations.

Goals of Rehabilitation

√  To restore function

√  To improve function

√  To prevent further disability and illness

√  To learn how to modify and adapt to new skills with


The Rehabilitation Process

√  Assessment of Client’s Needs

√  Establish Care Plan for Clients

√  Service Contract Agreement

√  Treatment Checklist

√  Progress Notes


Rehabilitation Settings

√  Hospitals

√  Specialized Facilities

√  Long Term Care Facilities

√  Home


Common Health Problems Requiring Rehabilitation

√  Acquired Brain Injury

√  Amputation

√  Burns


√  Mental Illness

√  Heart Disease

√  Diabetes

√  Obesity

√  Spinal Cord Injuries

√  Cerebral Palsy

√  Stroke

√  MS

√  Accident or Injuries

√  Joint Replacement

√  General Surgery

√  Arthritics

√  Substance abuse

√  Many more



Therapy and Training

√  Prostheses

√  Orthotics

√  Eating & Drinking Devices

√  Self-Care Devices

√  Devices to aid MOBILITY

√  Safety Equipment

√  Mechanical Ventilators

√  Beds, Ramps, & Chair Lifts

√  Other



Rehabilitation Care Plan

Care Plan Consultation Includes:

4 hour meeting All Inclusive Cost (onetime fee)

Only $397.97

• Client Health Profile

• Client Assessment

• Medical Clearance

• Service Contract

Care Plan Treatment Visit(s):

1 hour visit $30.00


*All Rehabilitation Care Plans will exclude:

pet care, lawn & garden care, housekeeping, meal prep and planning, respite, laundry and shopping duties.


*All Rehabilitation Care Plans will include: personal support care, ROM exercises, therapy and training of rehabilitative equipment and devices, eating & feeding care, aquatic pool exercises, assistance in all areas of personal care and mobility.


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