Case Study: 3 Month

12 Coaching Sessions Outline

(Each Coaching Session is 2 hours Per Week)

Proven Success - Burn Fat 60% Faster With DietSmart and Leptin


1.  Body Specifications: Tests,

      Assessments and Baselines


2.  Evaluate 7 Day Dietary Baseline and

      Diet Math, Setting Goals


3.   USA Dietary Guidelines and Macro

       Nutrients and Calories


4.  Metabolic Nutrition and Meal

      Planning and Label Reading


5.   Metabolic Cycles: Elimination,

       Assimilation and Digestion


6.   Pedometer Fitness Test: What is

       Your Fitness Level?


7.   Review: Weigh In, Measurements,

      BMI, Body Fat Percentage and

       Action Plan


8.   Metabolic Principles: Metabolism

       and Hormones (Insulin, Leptin,

       Cortisol, Estrogen, Thyroxin)


9.  F.I.T.T. Principle: How To Burn Fat


10. Mindful Eating and Behavior



11. Putting It All Together And Saying

      On Track


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