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What is Leptin? (Lep-tin)

  • Leptin is a synthetic hormone and therefore can be produced in a Lab.
  • Leptin is produced in your adipose tissue also known as Fat Cells.
  • Leptin sends a signal to your brain’s hypothalamus to tell you to STOP EATING.
  • Leptin triggers the brain to signal the body to burn stored body fat.
  • Leptin is the newest weight-loss tool used to control poor eating habits.
  • Leptins metabolic purpose is to tell the brain to turn off hunger.
  • Leptin inhibits hunger by regulating energy balance so the body does not trigger a hunger response when it does not need energy.
  • Leptin is silent and forgotten about appetite hormone that helps your body maintain and regulate healthy body weight.

How Does Leptin Work?

  • The Leptin Hormone works, it’s like having your own personal trainer.
  • Leptin works to reduce sugar cravings, overeating, night eating, stress eating etc.
  • Leptin naturally controls appetite by signaling you brain you’re Full, and to Stop Eating.
  • Leptin helps the brain regulate how much energy your body burns in the day.
  • Healthy leptin levels will trigger the brain to lower your appetite allowing the body to dip into its own fat stores for energy.
  • Obesity causes high leptin levels resulting in Leptin Resistance – the signal is damaged and weight gain will be the result.
  • When an obese individual engages in poor eating habits on a continuous basis, the fat cell will produce more leptin than needed, which leads to increased leptin levels causing a hormonal imbalance and Leptin Resistance – STOP GAINING WEIGHT.

How to get started on a Leptin Patch Plan that’s best for You.

  • Determine Your Body Mass Index using the BMI Calculator
  • Go to the Leptin & BMI Chart to determine your Weight Classification.
  • Place your order by the recommended Plan specific for You.
Check your BMI to select the Leptin Hormone Plans (Recommended)
Leptin Hormone Plans
Obesity Classifications 

(1 Month Plan(30 Leptin Patches))

Class I: 30.0 – 34.9 BMI   (Recommended)
Class 2: 35.0 – 39.9 BMI
Class 3: over 40 BMI
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Leptin Hormone Plans
Obesity Classifications 

(2 Month Plan(60 Leptin Patches))

Class I: 30.0 – 34.9 BMI
Class 2: 35.0 – 39.9 BMI  (Recommended)
Class 3: over 40 BMI
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Leptin Hormone Plans
Obesity Classifications 

(3-6 Month Plan(90 Leptin Patches))

Class I: 30.0 – 34.9 BMI
Class 2: 35.0 – 39.9 BMI
Class 3: over 40 BMI  (Recommended)
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Leptin Patch Plan
Leptin Hormone Plans
Obesity Classifications
1 Month Plan
30 Leptin Patches
2 Month Plan
60 Leptin Patches
3 – 6 Months Plan
90 Leptin Patches
Class I: 30.0 – 34.9 BMI Recommended
Class 2: 35.0 – 39.9 BMI Recommended
Class 3: over 40 BMI Recommended

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Disclaimer: There is NO magic Here! The patches will only work if you put the effort to change your lifestyle. The patch only controls your appetite.

Real People Real Success

Lost a combined 75 lbs

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—————– WHO IS DR. PENNY? —————–

Dr. Penny
Nutrition & Weight Loss Expert

From owning and operating a fitness center, to a weight loss consulting office, to facilitating community based weight loss clinical studies, to consulting private weight loss care at home, my passion is successful weight loss intervention, and rehabilitation. With 40 years’ experience in multi health care disciplines, I have one final career goal yet to fulfill, and that is to make positive changes in our growing obese epidemic with my powerful self-care lectures, workshops and home care plans.

My Career Plan

To inspire, educate and motivate weight loss success with my NON-Dieting approach award winning DietSmart Plan. DietSmart is a 3 part metabolic training program that specializes in the rehabilitation of Macro Calories, Hormones and behavior modification for Eating Behaviors. The key to successful weight loss is to restore all metabolic functions.

Dr. Penny Weight Loss Services Inc.
Weight Loss Intervention & Rehabilitation



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(20 min.) Intervention
Lets Pinpoint WHY you’re struggling with weight loss.

(20 min.) Rehabilitation
Fill in the Action Plan to customize your goal calories and
restore fat burning hormones.

(20 min.) Behavior Modification
How to stay motivated, and stay on track for faster holistic
weight loss for permanent results.

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The Diet Smart Consultation Form to customize your own weight loss Action Plan.

Weight loss is fun and easy once you understand your calories, hormones and habits better. Are You Ready To Lose Weight? Let’s Fix Your Metabolism Together The Diet Smart Way.

Career Comeback

I am excited to announce my career comeback since my appearance on the CBC TV Show the Dragons Den in 2009.

New Weight Loss Intervention & Rehabilitation Services for Adults
  • 4 hr. Private Intervention Consultation
  • Corporate Weight Loss Rehab
  • 12 Week Home Care Rehab
  • DietSmart Training Workshops
My Weight Loss Journey

I can help you fix your metabolism, because I once was in your shoes. Check out my before & after pic below for proof!

The DietSmart Plan

3 Steps To Metabolic Weight Loss Success

Learn How To Fix Your Metabolism

  • Regroup Calories
  • Restore Hormones
  • Rethink Eating Habits

Are You Ready To Lose Weight?

Ask Dr. Penny

Penny’s DIETSMART Achievement Photos