Leptin Hormone Weight Loss Patches Get Results! Consultation

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Your hormone Leptin needs a kick-start.  

A Leptin Hormone weight loss consultation will help you get to know you and your metabolism better. Lets calculate and customize your macros for the Leptin Diet 40%, 20% 40% coming from Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fats, or for any dietary eating style you want. The Leptin Patches are responsible for rehabilitating your out of control eating appetite and behaviors. The Leptin Hormone Action Plan is waiting to help you achieve your weight goal faster, healthier, and for the long term. Learn what Leptin is, how Leptin works, and how to get started – YOUR APPETITE MATTERS.   You will be sent a Leptin Consultation Form that is required at your appointment.                                                                                                                                                                  Policy – paid scheduled appointment will not receive a refund or a reschedule for  NO Show Appointments. Rebook Please.


Fun little Patches with a big kick.

Get Started A 1 hour private video, phone or in person professional consultation with DrPenny will get you educated, motivated and on the right nutritional track.  Learn how to benefit from Leptin for managing eating habits and appetite control.  Science Works.